What we do?


As a representative organisation FVECTA’s main tasks is to act as a lobbying organisation. It campaigns on behalf of its membership and the co-operative movement in general, for example FEVECTA was actively involved in the reform of the Valencian Co-operative Law and lobbies the state and political parties at all levels to gain support for the promotion of worker co-operatives.

Promote the development of the sector through the creation of new co-operatives

FEVECTA carries out a series of promotional activities to foster the development of new co-operative enterprises.

The One Stop Business Advice Service for new start groups comprises of a range of business advice services on sites across the Valencia region for groups of people who are considering starting up a new co-operative. The service is provided by FVECTA’s staff and includes information about what a co-operative is and how it functions, and help with carrying out viability analyses of potential projects, information about grants available and assistance with the legal registration of new co-operatives. FEVECTA also runs courses for groups of unemployed people. Such courses cover the business and social skills needed for setting up and running a new co-operative.

Additionally, over the last decade FEVECTA has been active in the promotion of worker co-operatives at a local level. It has provided a variety of support to local development workers and agencies, including training seminars about worker co-operatives for development workers, advice, collaboration over co-operative training for unemployed people, etc.

Services to members and partners

The Federation carries out a range of other activities aimed at strengthening its member businesses. The activities can be categorised in the following way.

  • Specialised advice on co-operative issues.
  • Specialised training for member co-operatives.
  • Specific information about the co-operative sector.
  • Studies and publications about co-operative promotion, development and training.
  • Col·laboren:
  • Consellería Economía
  • Ministerio Empleo
  • Fondo Social Europeo